Floodplain meadow plants available

Find out how you can enhance, restore or create floodplain meadows in the Severn Vale by using locally grown, native wildflower plug plants from our new Community Growing Hub in Slimbridge.

What are we doing?

The Community Growing Hub is an exciting new initiative, where our team of trained volunteers are growing native wildflowers in a custom-refurbished polytunnel at Slimbridge. The species we are growing are characteristic of the area and recommended for projects which are looking to enhance or create species-rich floodplain meadows or other wet grassland communities.

Our plugs are grown ready for planting in the spring or autumn when conditions are optimal.

Why are we doing this?

Floodplain meadows are beautiful, ancient places, rich in wildlife and rural history. They support rare and diverse plant communities, birds, bees and other pollinators, and can provide flood mitigation and carbon storage benefits. The Severn Vale was once a large, connected mosaic of floodplain meadows, marshes and small waterbodies. Recent decades have seen a marked decline in these priority habitats which we want to reverse.

Plug planting is an easy and efficient way of introducing wildflowers to enhance an existing site or support the creation of new meadows.

This project has been kindly supported by Eversheds Sutherland and the Moto Foundation.