Consulting services

WWT’s consultancy was established to meet a growing demand for professional, scientifically sound advice on all issues related to wetlands.

Unparalleled expertise in wetlands

WWT are world-leading experts in the creation, restoration and management of wetlands as well as the design and operation of wetland visitor centres. Our consulting services make this expertise available to clients in the UK and internationally.

Our priorities

As part of WWT, our consultancy work is aligned to our charitable objectives and priorities, which are detailed within our organisational strategy.

Services we offer

We provide clients worldwide with services in the following four key areas:

The process

We work with clients to help shape their projects from initial ideas through to design, construction and operation. At all stages we facilitate close consultation with stakeholders and can provide training where required.

Feasibility - Can you create a wetland? Can you develop a visitor experience? Can you use a constructed wetland to treat your polluted water? - We establish whether your project is possible.

Concept design - What could it look like? How will it work? How much will it cost? - We bring your project to life producing visuals and innovative designs that attract buy-in from your stakeholders and funders.

Detailed design - What permissions do I need for my project? What plans do I need to provide for the contractor? How do I appoint a good contractor? - We provide a full design and planning support service, providing detailed designs and technical specifications for planning, tendering and construction.

Construction - What do I do if something comes up during construction that I can’t answer? How do I make sure the project stays on time and budget? How do I know the design is constructed correctly? - We oversee management of contractors and provide site supervision to ensure a high quality result.

Operation & Management - What type of management and staffing will I need? Do our staff need training to manage our project when it is opens? What will be the costs of operating the project? We deliver operation, maintenance, management and business planning advice and provide staff training and evaluation services.

Contact us

To request a quote, further information or just to ask our advice, please get in touch with us. You can call on +44 (0) 1453 891 289.